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Energy Agent ™ (Includes Installation)

Includes everything you need to control AC energy waste at your property. Door sensors, Energy Agent™ receiver, door decals, tent cards to inform guests – includes professional installation and friendly technical staff. (Zones = thermostats)

Condominium / Beach Home Property Prices – Sonora , Mexico

Package pricing (fully installed) Examples:
Puerto Peñasco
Las Palomas, Las Palmas, Bella Sirena, Sonoran resorts, Princesa with 1 zone - 1 Slider door - $329 
Las Palomas, Las Palmas, Bella Sirena, Sonoran resorts, Princesa with - 2 zones and 2 Slider doors - $599 
Las Palomas, Las Palmas, Bella Sirena, Esmeralda with 3 zones - 3 Arcadia doors - $849
Las Conchas, La Jolla, Cholla Bay (Beach or Solar Homes) or more than 4 zones - Request a FREE Quote
++ Extra door sensor for any package above - $100 each (Recessed front door sensors available)++

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Resort / Property HVAC Maintenance

Maintenance - ConServPro.MX The single most important thing you can do to lower energy bills and increase the level of comfort at your property, is to maintain your AC equipment.

Kelpinc and ConServPro.MX, provides the level of service you need for your seaside location.  Rental, non-rental, condo or beach house, without regular and through preventive maintenance - inside and out- equipment efficiency and reliability decline rapidly whether property is in use or idle. Choose one of two "PRESTO" package. 

HVAC Maintenance Plans (Mexico only)

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HVAC Repair and Replacement

Repair & Replacement - ConServPro.MX repair and replacement services are expert in bringing your AC system back to good operating condition as quickly as possible. The sea coast environment is tough on electrical control components, metal parts and mechanisms.

The life expectancy of an AC system is shortened considerably due to the constantly blowing winds, salt mist and baking sun; the average life is between 4 and 8 years. When equipment becomes old and worn, it becomes inefficient. System efficiency can be cut in half where ½ the cooling comes at 2X the operating cost.

ConServPro.MX, services include modifying ductwork, applying ductwork insulation, motor and fan replacement, electrical controls, compressor replacement, and replacement of whole rooftop condensers and packaged system replacement. ConServPro.MX uses York, Trane, Rheem, Panasonic, GE and other top industry products.

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HVAC Property Inspections

Real Estate Presale Inspections – Because the sea coast environment is so tough on metal and electrical parts, getting an expert opinion before you buy a property could save you thousands of dollars later on. Kelpinc inspections are through – from basic operation to air infiltration and system performance, Kelp reports provide good insight into the overall operation, past maintenance attention and any alerts as to what is immediately needed for acceptable operation. 

All reports come with photos, documented measurements and quotes for needed changes or repairs.

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Energy Audits

Tracking down high utility bills – Energy costs in Mexico are high to begin with. When your electricity bills seem too high or you just want to understand where the energy is going, kelpinc can perform a detailed energy audit that will clearly explain what is consuming what.  Kelp has past experience with CFE, the Mexican National Electric Company (Comisión Federal de Electricidad ) can request and analyze the last 12 months of charges, and allow you to match rentals and use consumption and cost. We can also provide a baseline of operating costs based on the types of appliances, water heating and HVAC equipment currently in use.

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Power Quality Solutions

Voltage spikes, burned out electronics – having recurring power problems at your property?  The new CFLs, DVD or Surround Stereo you purchased acting funny or stopped working way-early? Chances are they are “toast” because of power surge or regulation problems at you’re condo or beach home.

Because of the tremendous growth in and around Puerto Peñasco, changes in line voltage (the level of power at each outlet), can spike up or falling rapidly causing lighting and sensitive electronics to prematurely fail. Voltage levels can go up to 150V, or drop precipitously to less than 90V, totally upsetting the level most appliances and accessory devices are designed for. If the condition repeats over and over, the device becomes susceptible and eventually fails. This problem can become very expensive, even catastrophic!

Kelpinc can help change the situation by testing and evaluating the quality of power coming into your property and upon analysis, installing an appropriately sized whole house surge protector and/or voltage regulator that will cure the problem once and for all. Contact us for a solution to your power problems!

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