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Sustainability Systems Consulting

Since 2002, Kelpinc has been helping property owners, student housing developers and vacation resort property management groups introduce attitude changing end-user controls and software applications that can have profoundly alter user consumption patterns. Kelp’s products work with building management systems to give occupants the kind of self-control they want, while enacting purposeful change, to limit or stop opportunistic waste events. It’s all about changing attitudes by involvement.  

In the end, resources, whether manmade or natural, have a cost. Kelpinc sustainability consulting services provide design and feature engineering that lets the end -consumer take what they need – but more prudently.

Deliverables: Sustainable scope development, concept planning, Building Management System integration services, hardware controls and end-user software applications – all focused on creating a new level of sustainable living practices today that will be mandatory for future generations to come

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Wireless Energy Control – Design Services

Rental and lease properties all across North America are wasting energy and the costs of it when doors and windows are left open while air conditioning or heat is on. The problem occurs every day, every night and everywhere. Condominium resorts, vacation cottages, beach homes suffer from humidity damage, develop mold, and have outrageous electric bills just because there is a “disconnect” between the HVAC system, and the patio doors. The problem: guests like to bring the outside – in. The solution should be simple. But it’s not.

Deliverables: Analysis of floor plans, sensor groupings, product configuration, proposals, and delivery schedules, locate and qualify local installers, and manage warranty issues.